Shots fired.

Shots fired.

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11 Responses to Shots fired.

  1. AurtletheTurtle says:

    Only if it enrolls in Littleton, Colorado

  2. Soundwinder says:

    Don’t you mean wrong direction?

  3. Robvp says:

    That was funny in a weird dark sort of way

  4. TurkishMuffins says:

    I’m sorry to tell you but that’s wrong, I’ve been to a couple of butchers here they always kill it fast then hang it to drain.

  5. UpvotesForDemPewbs says:

    What is that web page? PM me?

  6. rcrosss17 says:

    Yeah dead school children lol…..

  7. caseythecannibal says:

    You’re doing god’s work son.

  8. arekanderu says:

    This is great. If I ever go into politics, I’m using this line at least once.

  9. nataniel says:

    idgaf what it feels. it’s not sapient, and it’s dead when i feast on it’s flesh.

  10. sixfoothobbit says:

    Islamic faith schools, teaching extremism. And these schools are funded by tax money

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