Still the best field reporter in the biz

Still the best field reporter in the biz

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12 Responses to Still the best field reporter in the biz

  1. beefjerkybecauseiloveit says:

    It’s okay cos of the ‘le before the douche. It’s fancy. Like LeFuck

  2. ImBetterAtLifeThenYou says:

    Japanese game shows are more entertaining than HBO productions

  3. ChefG0ldblum says:

    Bought the DVDs for this show as soon as they were released. Totes worth it.

  4. sentthatbitchacatfacebitcheslovecatfaces says:

    Just a few episodes. What bad could it do?

  5. banshee12 says:


  6. AHornyRhino says:

    Well…I don’t have to be there until 2:30 pm..

  7. Skreamie says:

    I read it as a “Guy-a LeDouche” in my head because all I could think of was Shia LaBeouf

  8. WayneKent says:

    Jack Lame cause it’s French.

  9. IMadeThisAccountToUpvoteNSForWImages says:

    This show was weird, and I loved it

  10. Sebine says:

    So are you single?

  11. TheBostonBruins says:

    Glad I got that Xbone.

  12. jordanclifford says:

    *Right you are, Ken.

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