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Meet The Domestic Spying Program That Could Be Tracking You Right Now

William Binney is a 32-year veteran of the highly secretive National Security Agency who’s regarded as one of the best code breakers in the agency’s history. When the NSA began using his programs to conduct domestic surveillance instead of monitor … Continue reading

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Gauntlet Thrown: Bill Nye Just Challenged Every Creationist To A Science Fight

(Everyone knows you don’t bring bibles to a science fight.) Bill Nye understands science. He just doesn’t understand not teaching it to your kids. That’s just irresponsible. UPDATE: Ken Ham, the CEO of the Creation Museum has responded. Take your … Continue reading

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The Truth About Gay People

Wait, so you mean gay people weren’t invented during a Lycra and glitter factory explosion? That still doesn’t explain why they don’t have equal rights. Luckily we have leaders like Hillary Clinton fighting to change that. Read more: http://upworthy.com/the-truth-about-gay-people

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This Disaster Was One Humanity Didn’t Cause, Couldn’t Fix, And Never Solved. Nature Did It All.

Take a look to see what happened to Yellowstone National Park in the late ’80s that almost wiped it off the map. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAgP9fo3f7s?wmode=transparent&showinfo=0&controls=1&enablejsapi=1&rel=0&version=3&color=white&w=560&h=315] Read more: http://upworthy.com/this-disaster-was-one-humanity-didnt-cause-couldnt-fix-and-never-solved-nature-did-it-all

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What Happens To Your Face When You Wear Sunscreen Might Shock You. It Did For These People.

As a redhead, I feel as though it’s my duty to share this. Seeing what sunscreen *actually* does to your skin is really, really cool. But sunscreen is more than that. It’s a critical line of defense for avoiding skin … Continue reading

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