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20 Responses to Teamwork

  1. oneadminoflousisanaball says:

    Well, it worked.

  2. SirAwesomeTheThird says:

    “You can drink some for 20 bucks”

  3. cheesefish says:


  4. sugarshane says:

    Oh yeah!

  5. aaronis1 says:

    He doesn’t wear pants anymore again

  6. mofffffflar says:

    That’s fuckin team work!

  7. rbyeatn says:

    This is absolutely incredible.

  8. thisisthehardestdecisionofmylife says:

    This is awesome

  9. XanderManTKD says:

    I believe Argyle Sweater for those wondering

  10. Cobaltios says:

    Those pigs had better not say “oh no!”

  11. aliceinneverland says:

    Plot twist: Kool-Aid decides to go down the chimney.

  12. LuckyAssBick says:

    “Fuck.” – Pigs

  13. ethaniel says:


  14. Gooner49 says:

    sorry little piggies but you’re fucked

  15. ChewableJim says:

    Directed by JJ Abrams.

  16. Lupine1982 says:

    Am I the only one to point out they chopped the artist off?

  17. MartyMacGyver says:

    You are correct good sir! 5/4/2010 to be exact…

  18. jpparkenbone says:

    That isn’t teamwork. It’s contracting.

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