That guy from that one show goes on an idiotic rant against 2A!/back_ttys/status/471464760178147328

He’s one of those verified Tweeters you’ve probably never heard of. Apparently he was in that show “Raising Hope” so if you watch that one you might know who he is. One thing for sure is that Lucas Neff is a typical gun grabbing Hollywood lefty without a lot of intellectual fire power when it comes to the Constitution. It looks like he had a couple of white wine spritzers and started feeling his oats tonight.

To all the right wing dudes and gals implying you'll shoot me on sight if I try to take your guns away.

1 I'm not fazed
2 proves my point— Lucas Neff (@RealLucasNeff) May 28, 2014!/RealLucasNeff/status/471459236006731778

I will be happy to come down and personally take your guns.


With a ton of video cameras.

Let's see your alpha bravery in person.— Lucas Neff (@RealLucasNeff) May 28, 2014

Walking in unarmed to take someone’s guns would be a total Chuck Norris move, if you were Chuck Norris, and it might require the defensive use of firearms if the gun owner had weak Kung Fu.

On the other hand, chances are this guy would be met with—at worst—a sound beating, but probably only a wedgie … or maybe a swirly … a great deal of derisive laughter in any case.


Spritzer number 2 kicking in about here.

Yo dudes telling me I'm not intimidating.

I don't want to be.

I don't rely on intimidation to make my points.

Just reason and sanity.— Lucas Neff (@RealLucasNeff) May 28, 2014

Yeah, ok. Let us know when you’re going to start.!/RealLucasNeff/status/471469510717747201

Actually you’d prove that a dude with a gun killed a person. Drawing a generalized conclusion wouldn’t be any more reasonable than if we said—for example—your rant proves that “C-list celebrities with Twitter accounts say stupid things.”!/redsteeze/status/471469855124643841

And of course there’s that.!/PR151/status/471470938438250496!/redsteeze/status/471472120606642176

YO deejay run that back!

On the record…

FUCK THE SECOND AMENDMENT— Lucas Neff (@RealLucasNeff) May 28, 2014

And there it is.

you know what an assault weapon is?

any weapon you can use bullets to assault me with.

Merriam Webster. Or it should be.— Lucas Neff (@RealLucasNeff) May 28, 2014

I think we’ve already established that wouldn’t be necessary.

In the 19th century, I would've wanted to take away the constitutional right of slavery.

20th century: guns.

Const ain't always right.— Lucas Neff (@RealLucasNeff) May 28, 2014

The right to defend yourself, your family, and your property is just as bad as slavery. For serious.!/coolhandschlute/status/471478300318392322

Hey, that’s our line.

But Twitchy is forever.

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