The Martin giveth and the Martin taketh away.

The Martin giveth and the Martin taketh away.

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12 Responses to The Martin giveth and the Martin taketh away.

  1. SirAwesomeTheThird says:

    He even had to blow his nose in some dollar bills!

  2. blarghafest says:

    No you didn’t.

  3. chemistrydoc says:

    They are not all joking

  4. imadogperson says:

    Seriously? You mean his books aren’t bestsellers and the TV adaptation isn’t top ratings because he’s a terrible storyteller?

  5. sublyime says:

    1NJgyDxoJxM4oBiktcFcRqaJ3wpA8RqeaC im poor help me please BITCOIN ME

  6. Onelesspossibleusername says:

    Is this sarcasm? He’s a great author but I wouldn’t say once-in-a-lifetime. Not even close.

  7. swatz says:

    It’s funnier if they had no idea they were going to die off.

  8. BevanWalling says:

    oh, so he was talking to Varys, littlefinger and Sansa i see

  9. KillingTheJoke says:

    “I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.”

  10. Venerus says:

    I was addicted to the books, but I do think he basically uses hackneyed TV tropes to pull me in (like a fantasy Days of Our Lives).

  11. CutOffHisManhoodAndFeedItToTheGoats says:

    Arya horseface? Arry? Lumpyhead? Salty? Beth? the blind girl? Yeah she dies. Probably.

  12. eichelburglar says:

    If you look at adult fiction, nothing unordinary. What GRRM has struggled against his whole career is the idea that wizards or robots = YA

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