The People’s Campaign: Obama pimps fund-raising dinner with H’wood hunk George Clooney!/BarackObama/status/193077883898568704

Because nothing says “I’m with the 99 percent-ers” like a Hollywood mogul.

Anyhoo, the intent is clear: Obama 2012 is blowing a dog whistle for the women’s vote. Come and get it!

Twitter users from all parts of the political spectrum mused about dining with President Obama and George Clooney. A few ovaries exploded, Justin Bieber-style:

Do you want to be the meat in an Obama-Clooney sandwich?

— Brokelyn (@Brokelyn) April 19, 2012

Obama, Clooney, and me? Yes please! I just gave to support the President and was automatically entered to win. Join me:

— Miss Lia (@LiaSimcina) April 19, 2012

Donate to the Obama campaign to win dinner with George Clooney? One way to court the women's vote….

— Claudia Milne (@claudmilne) April 19, 2012

Obama sent me a message saying if I donate to his campaign, I could win dinner with him at Clooney's house. The things I would say to them.

— Oklahoma Tomcat (@oktomcat) April 19, 2012

Wow, even if you're a Republican you've got to go for this. Clooney and Obama private dinner… it could be you.

— Brad White (@BrightWhite1) April 19, 2012

Forget dinner with FLOTUS and Biden. Obama now dangling small donors a dinner with George Clooney. Hey gurl!

— Nick Confessore (@nickconfessore) April 19, 2012

Mom will totally flip out! "Dinner with the President at George Clooney’s house. Chip in $3 now for a chance to win: "

— tunmun (@tunmun) April 19, 2012

Um dinner with Obama & Clooney? Throw in Pitt or Cheadle, & you've got yourself a caper movie, for real.

— Kati Sipp (@KatiSipp) April 19, 2012

Hmmm. Dinner with Cheadle might be eeen-teresting.

Dinner with Obama and Clooney? Its times like this I wish I was an American.

— Kirpa Badwal (@k_Badwal) April 19, 2012

Well, actually, foreign donors have contributed with ease to Obama’s campaign before.


I can have a night w/Clooney & Obama if I pay them money? Didn't they learn anything from the secret service scandal?

— Stefanie Mullen (@ooph) April 19, 2012

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