Theesa shetai

Theesa shetai

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14 Responses to Theesa shetai

  1. Uberpastamancer says:

    Even though it doesn’t make sense in that context.

  2. carlosspicyweener says:

    Nailed it!

  3. Wakening says:

    Ewok body + human baby face = maximum adorable

  4. NecromanceFallstar says:

    Ewoks that outfit so hard…

  5. dimmidice says:

    get a rental, less stress, way cheaper, equally fun.

  6. hellomrrosshellomrsrachel says:

    i’m game

  7. theedjofglory says:

    10/10 would take to the Battle of Endor.

  8. pancFC says:

    Someone help me steal that child.

  9. grategy says:

    The term Ewok is never said in the original trilogy. To find out they were called that you had to read books. The more you know.

  10. pottytalk says:

    I always wanted the Ewok baby in Return of the Jedi…

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