These Awesome Iranian Women Are Throwing Away Their Hijabs And Posting The Photos On Facebook

It’s the right of women to wear what they want. This is the thinking that inspired Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad to write a Facebook post about Iranian women not wearing veils. And it sparked a movement.

This may seem like a small thing. But in Iran, it’s a bold statement against a government that is fixated on the way women dress and requires them to dress “modestly” — if they remove their veils in public, they can receive 70 lashes or 60 days in prison.

Alinejad says she asked women to send “selfies of their private moments of freedom.” And the campaign led to 30,000 Likes in its first five days.

See the photos of the fearless women below.

If you’d like to learn more about their stories, you should head over to
Vocativ’s more in-depth piece about it. And maybe you could share this? Their story deserves to be heard the world over.

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