They call it “The Godfather.”

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14 Responses to They call it “The Godfather.”

  1. SeisulVigzaal says:

    I prefer call to the cardiologist.

  2. Dunes8 says:

    Does it come with a cannoli?

  3. Lynux says:

    As someone currently hungry, fuck you.

  4. masimone says:

    Because he died of a heart attack?

  5. JustAFrog says:

    And I call it “Food”

  6. phatjoey says:

    I call it food that I want to devour.

  7. chemistrydoc says:

    I call it “Delicious”

  8. SweetBabyJesusBaconFlavoredNutellaMountainDewCheeseCakeMooQuack says:

    Umm, there is no bacon on it.

  9. tropicalgoat says:

    “I’m gonna make him a sandwich he can’t refuse”

  10. choosymomschoosejeff says:

    More like the Dr. Moreau, amirite? Brando got FAT.

  11. sempervici says:

    May you have a food baby and may it be a masculine one.

  12. gimetulkathmir says:

    Leave the gun. Take the canolli.

  13. bahtayjah says:

    That bread looks delicious! Look at that sauce!

  14. awall107 says:

    I haven’t been on imgur that long, but I know front page material when I see it.

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