This Dog Knows How To Disguise Himself As A Stuffed Animal — And It’s Great

As a kid, I had tons of favorite stuffed animals.

There was Mr. Panda, Mrs. Elephant, Ms. Fox…the list goes on. Sure, I had dogs, but they would never be as fluffy or smooshy as my plush pillow toys.

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That is until I came across Instagram sensation Ernie Pooh. Not only is this super-fluffy toy poodle adorable, but he seems to know exactly how to act like a stuffed animal. Just watch him in action.

Sure, on first glance, Ernie Pooh is a totally normal pup.

He lives a pretty spoiled life.

And sure, clearly this cutie is ridiculously fluffy.

Are you seeing it now?

The ONLY reason I know which one’s Ernie is because he’s white.

He’s got the whole lifeless fluffy flop down.

I really need Ernie Pooh in my life.

Then again, I think I’d settle for this cutie…

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