This guy showed up to take this final like a boss

This guy showed up to take this final like a boss

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20 Responses to This guy showed up to take this final like a boss

  1. Vicwood says:

    Was he wearing a purse?

  2. IMadeAnAccountJustToWriteThis says:

    Hmm, yes. Yoga pants.

  3. TheGloriousChipotleBurrito says:

    This looks like the lecture hall with the morph suit guys.

  4. sugarshane says:

    Like a telretubby

  5. sugarshane says:

    Like a teletubbie

  6. beambastic says:

    I would have just assumed he was a stress hallucination and carried on. Fucking finals week.

  7. NeroMustDie15 says:

    That looks like such a horrible, cramped environment to take a final in. Reason #1 I chose a small school.

  8. IamSamuelLJackson says:

    he looks like a douche

  9. iamireland says:

    I think I know that guy.

  10. jjep36 says:

    Too late in the semester to be a pledge…

  11. Atharaphelun says:

    Seems impossible when you have a tv on your belly


    Oh hey rivals, WMU.

  13. the9thcircle says:

    girl on the right suffers from bitchface. the only known cure is a club across the jaw.

  14. WeedlordBonerLover69 says:

    perhaps a final isnt the appropriate place for you distractive bullshit attention seeking.

  15. Link02 says:

    Concrete Masonry Unit!!!

  16. IBlueUp says:

    no he didn’t. he showed up lik a fucking wierdo. a fucking wierdo who likes attention. this shit is not cool. fuck this guy.

  17. the9thcircle says:

    glad we understand each other.

  18. xedative says:

    Sarcasm, you moron.

  19. IBlueUp says:

    this is sarcastic by the way, fuck your comment. there’s tons of people who browse this shitty website

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