This is what no journalistic integrity looks like.

This is what no journalistic integrity looks like.

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15 Responses to This is what no journalistic integrity looks like.

  1. Sunnie5274 says:

    Things like this make me hate the media more and more.

  2. colbyshmolby56 says:

    Those poor children went through so much, and yet some of the media doesn’t really seem to care.

  3. Elapidae says:

    And what no humanity sounds like.

  4. domesticpeach says:

    (1/?) In my opinion I don’t think they are wrong to interview the kids. I think the kids are too young to understand exactly what is going..

  5. hugefuckingretard says:

    In before, “WHAT HAPPENED SHORTLY AFTER 9 AM ET??????”

  6. HennyJimdrix says:

    “I know you’re upset and confused, sweetie, but I need an exclusive or my boss is gonna yell at me…”

  7. domesticpeach says:

    (3/?) exploited the children. Over all, this is a sad sad day. My heart is breaking for everyone involved 🙁 Prayers to everyone affected.

  8. sandrock says:

    i understand you guys are disgusted that people would do this but please don’t down vote the photo. it is meant to inform others.

  9. ooohlooongjohnson says:

    When I was in the 3rd grade, an older boy from my school was strangled by his mother. The local news was at our school the next day (1/?)

  10. kaldrenon says:

    Imagine for an INSTANT that this girl’s extended family hears this before hearing from her parents. Then don’t do it.

  11. WhoIsHarlequin says:

    Blame the parents for letting their kids interview. The media is just doing what it always does.

  12. colbyshmolby56 says:

    Really? Downvote asshole on something like this? People are ridiculous.

  13. ooohlooongjohnson says:

    They were interviewing students at random, none of the kids my age were crying or showing any sign of sadness. It was mostly confusion (2/?)

  14. LordPuffington says:

    They probably won’t remember. I remember very little of being below 9 and that is without the repression.

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