This little badass is Jango

This little badass is Jango

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15 Responses to This little badass is Jango

  1. CommanderDick says:

    You’ll get the D later .

  2. sidvicious54 says:

    I see that the D is not only silent, but also invisible

  3. Jet8402 says:

    the D is silent

  4. aRandomWolf says:

    If that’s Jango, where’s the rest of the clone army?

  5. ImBlueDaBaDeeDaBaDie says:

    I see he’s unchained

  6. tornocean says:


  7. DapperPirate says:

    He’s going to make sooooo many babies.

  8. TheMoistBandit says:

    Please name his spawn Boba.

  9. stegosaurusfarts says:

    Is it a girl? “The D is nonexistant.”


    If his name is Jango, why is he white?

  11. ifwisheswerehorsestherewouldbelotsofhorsepoo says:

    Jango Unchaine. Without the D . . . No? . . . I’ll see myself out.

  12. ZaeedGoddamnMassani says:

    I am unFettered by how cute this dog is.

  13. GibblesNBits says:

    Django. The ‘D’ is silent.

  14. bearishungry says:

    *Django..with a D you mean

  15. SimonDesrosiers says:

    Just because it been a while nobody said it . Caaaarrooooolllllll !!!!

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