This person wanted a picture with my friend.

This person wanted a picture with my friend.

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20 Responses to This person wanted a picture with my friend.

  1. WarioBatali says:

    Why is Pedo Bear panting?

  2. cyooger says:

    I think I found my Halloween costume for this year….

  3. ImTooLazyToComeUpWithaWittyUsername says:

    He know’s who this really is. Pedo Bear and he’s scared!

  4. royalgurl45 says:

    Pedo bear is NOT your friend!

  5. PardusmaN says:

    Repost’s, Repost’s everywhere.

  6. thecurlyone says:

    Hi I’m Chris Haaaanson, why don’t you take a seat

  7. AlfredKapwn says:

    Doesn’t matter had sex?

  8. asil says:

    I need an adult.

  9. haiku120 says:

    ‘Bite this towel i’m going in dry”

  10. MusicCrazedKiwi says:

    the bag is the after party favor

  11. MochaWave says:

    He’s seen things man. Things.

  12. mescansrule says:

    Bite the pillow. He’s going in with a towel.

  13. karobi says:

    I’m scared of them too

  14. Samuelsefue says:

    too old

  15. pepsis0da says:

    This is a picture my friend took, and I had the honor to upload it. No way it’s repost, dumbass.

  16. shoeboxwarrior says:

    Not nearly young enough.

  17. DerpPotatoes says:

    its awesome how this guy has pedobear as a friend

  18. AutonomousMe207 says:

    that’s his dad

  19. StormageddonTheDarkLordOfAll says:

    ᶘ ಠᴥಠᶅ

  20. pscycolops says:

    Kid looks like his bum is still sore.

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