This was left to me from my grandma

This was left to me from my grandma

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18 Responses to This was left to me from my grandma

  1. Nameisnotname says:

    I believe I reach WOW! on this scale.

  2. DifferentialEQ says:

    Even the scale itself resembles a penis.

  3. SwedishPrincess says:

    Where are you, OP?

  4. SubzeroAK says:

    Is your grandma single, OP?

  5. orientalsausage says:

    judging by the pin hole on top, I think you are correct

  6. solkanarmy says:

    I… I want to try this

  7. AlwaysUpvoteHappyChickens says:

    It took me way too long to figure out what this is.

  8. WillJeSuis says:

    I don’t understand what this is for 😐

  9. CaBarefoot says:

    Can people really not read the ruler (what I’m assuming is in inches) up the left side?

  10. shezari says:

    How are you supposed to maintain a boner long enough to measure it? (I mean because performance anxiety.)

  11. inzane says:

    Theres no reference for scale, NOTHING

  12. pooptallica says:

    “Long and thin goes too far in, and irritates the ladies. Short and thick, it does the trick, and manufactures babies.”

  13. aRandomWolf says:

    Apparently I’m a homewrecker and a half. Those cattle better watch out.

  14. Splatulated says:


  15. BabMarly says:

    Let’s just say cattle

  16. SarcasticLittleShit says:

    Does that really count big? I’m well in that range but I always felt kinda small

  17. whiteknightfellinmud says:

    But now I can’t get to the end

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