To all the people that work Black Friday

To all the people that work Black Friday

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8 Responses to To all the people that work Black Friday

  1. IrohTheEarthbender says:

    The three-pixel salute

  2. HatsAreEssential says:

    I salute you too, pixels.

  3. Ispankedmymotherwithahamsandwich says:

    Doo DOO doo doooooo

  4. NotFarEnough says:

    I salute you, two pixels

  5. SageyWagey says:

    Black Friday shopping is a little safer than playing the hunger games. Just a little.

  6. neonscientist92 says:

    May the odds be ever in your favor

  7. ashes1032 says:

    Did someone take a picture of a screenshot with their camera or something?

  8. Courtjester95 says:

    Stole it from a gif on Tumblr, because I’ve seen it on my dash 30 million times today

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