Trying to fly to Mordor

Trying to fly to Mordor

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9 Responses to Trying to fly to Mordor

  1. tcwaters says:

    Gandalf told those fools to fly, and they did. Good on them.

  2. Horibukkur says:

    “Stupid hobbittsis! Taking the chopter without us!” – Gollum

  3. OriginalDutch says:

    It looks like they photographed pages from a book, with a potato.

  4. IamPippiLongstocking says:

    Actually…. they all look stoned

  5. sambo9017 says:

    Now imagine if we had to walk it all the way there…

  6. HooterF22 says:

    You don’t just Heli into Mordor…

  7. deediegraphitii says:

    Bilbo looks stoned.

  8. jchawks08 says:

    They all been smoking some of that long green leaf dank shit.

  9. ilummox says:

    This would have made the trilogy a lot quicker, but not necessarily cooler.

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