Um…WTF? Woman breaks into home, breastfeeds stranger’s baby!/loveableShawnie/status/190449378845138946

Drunk woman in South Dakota broke into a house and tried to breast feed a strangers baby. Damn!

— Dan (@4danlopez) April 11, 2012

A lady in South Dakota broke into this lady house n tried to breast feed the woman's baby..#WTF

— ❤ TheRealBossy ❤ (@_StAyOuT_MyLaNe) April 10, 2012

We have officially heard it all. A woman in North Dakota has broken into a stranger’s house in an attempt to breastfeed another woman’s child.

This is the type of story we couldn’t make up if we tried…

The child’s mother allegedly awoke to discover Rebecca Silva, 24, in her bedroom about 5am Sunday morning.

Silva then allegedly picked up the woman’s two-month-old and tried to nurse it, Associated Press reports.

The resident, who had never met Silva, allegedly persuaded her to put the baby back down.

Silva then lay down on the woman’s bed after police were called.

Police lieutenant Derrick Powers said alcohol was a factor in the break-in.

I just read that a woman broke into a home and breast-fed the owner's baby. In my day, they left bottles of milk on the front porch.

— Joan Rivers (@Joan_Rivers) April 12, 2012

So this woman needed to get the milk out of her breast (it hurt so bad) she broke in 2 sum1's house & started breastfeeding their child.

— Olive Evilo (@MissyChristine) April 11, 2012

a woman broke into a home and breast fed their childs baby. why would somebody do this.

— Sian (@siangreen12345) April 12, 2012!/loveforboyz/status/189831359743795200

Woman broke into home, breastfed baby Were I that child's mother, that sicko would NOT be breathing.

— Katherine Velthuyzen (@evilpgmistress) April 10, 2012

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