War on Women? FEMA forced to apologize for rape reference in tweet

Oof. Bureaucrats might want to stay away from making “jokes” on Twitter. But when they don’t, Twitchy is here to document their tweets. You’re welcome.

On Friday evening, FEMA announced to the world that “no doesn’t always mean no.”

(11/9) No Doesn’t Always Mean No – Appealing a FEMA Assistance Denial Decision: fema.gov/blog/2012-11-0… #Sandy

— FEMA (@fema) November 9, 2012

So, sometimes it’s not a legitimate “no”?

FEMA pulls a Todd Akin: “No doesn’t always mean No” twitter.com/fema/status/26… #tcot @twitchyteam

— Billy O’Keefe (@DefendWallSt) November 10, 2012

Is Obama’s FEMA department part of the #waronwomen? : huff.to/VYQ5Gb

— Whitney Pitcher (@whitneypitcher) November 10, 2012

The agency was referring to rejected requests for disaster assistance in the botched tweet. But some Twitterers lashed out at FEMA for the play on “no means no,” a phrase often used in discussions of rape and sexual consent.

Yes, that was @fema making a rape joke in the middle of a national emergency.

— Asher Wolf (@Asher_Wolf) November 10, 2012

NOT the best slogan: MT @fema: No Doesn’t Always Mean No – Appealing a FEMA Assistance Denial: fema.gov/blog/2012-11-0… #BillClintonSlogans ?

— DianeWellbrockBustos (@DiBustos) November 9, 2012

@fema rape joke or is your twitter point person just a moron? Either way, you suck.

— Adam in Oakland (@AdamInOakland) November 10, 2012

A rape joke during a national emergency? Classy. RT @fema: No Doesn’t Always Mean No – Appealing a FEMA Assistance Denial Decision #Sandy

— Chelsea (@chelseagrunwald) November 10, 2012

Of course, now that FEMA has apologized “to anyone we offended,” this will blow over pretty fast. After all, this was President Lady Parts’ FEMA; it’s not like it’s a Republican who trivialized rape, so no biggie! All will be forgiven.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/11/10/war-on-women-fema-forced-to-apologize-for-rape-reference-in-tweet/

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