Wasn't it you who said that Vice?

Wasn't it you who said that Vice?

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/x3sNhps

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14 Responses to Wasn't it you who said that Vice?

  1. NoEraPenaaal says:


  2. Channel4NewsTeam says:

    I’m pretty sure people don’t take Vice seriously….but what do I know…I work in San Diago.

  3. diedfromdysentery says:

    wait…you mean to tell me media isn’t completely right all the time?

  4. schlederboss says:

    You really had to look up how to take a screenshot?

  5. nopetraintofuckthatville says:

    It’s like Buzzfeed light.

  6. ADirtySmellyHippy says:

    Well, it is an apple user.

  7. thiscannotpossiblygowrong says:

    It’s more a symptom of a problem than a problem itself. That problem being that it doesn’t matter the relative effectiveness of the 1/

  8. thiscannotpossiblygowrong says:

    charity in relation to other charities that could get the money, just throwing money at whatever is hip is what’s encouraged. This is 2/

  9. ShroomsofDoom says:

    Lemme know when all that money changes someone’s fate and isn’t loading up in some overhead personnel’s bank account.

  10. whitepolarbear says:

    i dont like how they are comparing yr over yr. I mean, what if they just didnt have a campaign going on last yr? Just give me the total yr.

  11. Shit4chanSays says:

    Cracked has been getting more consistently feminist-crazy over the years, though.

  12. amccann says:

    So how much to cure or make a difference, a billion more, a gajillion more? Throwing money at a problem doesnt do shit.

  13. Tehadam says:

    When one’s opinion is shit, its invalid.

  14. shittyusernameincoming says:

    i dont think windows has that option, but its just 1 button dedicated to taking a screenshot, which i prefer

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