What Happened After These 15 People Texted The Wrong Number Was Hilariously Epic.

Accidentally calling or texting a wrong number is normal. After all, we are all (hopefully) human and humans make mistakes. The best kinds of people, though, do something amazing whenever they receive a “wrong number” text from a random person. They hilariously prank them… and the results are epic. If you’re any of these people, you are my hero and I salute you.

1.) Hey there, pretty lady.

2.) Sophie just burned you, bro.

3.) Well, uh, thanks for the picture.

4.) Don’t hit on random grills.


6.) These two need to be best friends.

7.) … JESSICA?

8.) And she didn’t even want to talk to Dog.

9.) Apparently they aren’t familiar with the Carter family.

10.) I prefer the standard cat.

11.) This is the only time Call Me Maybe should be used.

12.) Both informative and nightmarish.


14.) In case you like cats…

15.) YO, T-REX.

You know what to do the next time you get a random text. You mess with that person. You mess with them hard. Share these hilarious, anonymous pranks by clicking below. Make someone’s weekend.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/wrong-number-texts/

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