Who the fuck does this?

Who the fuck does this?

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/6I6dy

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17 Responses to Who the fuck does this?

  1. Magnivore says:


  2. bodieknits says:

    Not that I’ve ever seen…

  3. 88dahl says:

    Push button, not rub vagina on button.

  4. EricMatthews says:


  5. EricMatthews says:


  6. kittyfarts says:

    I’ve read that this is common in female prisons.

  7. lacefacethegr8 says:

    That’s just gtoss.

  8. BenMcNabb says:

    Welp, I guess I won’t be crossing here.

  9. thecompanion says:

    So you believe it takes a woman to tell us what’s in the picture most likely isn’t blood?

  10. Joshmaaaaaaan says:

    A few years ago walking down the road with a few friends, a wild diaper appeared. Someone had rolled brown playdough into balls and left it.

  11. VergJusticiero says:

    No man did this. It’s impossible to get past puberty without seeing a fair share of menstrual blood.

  12. TheFrenchGirl says:

    Nearly 2800 point for TALKING about period blood coulor? God, I hope it will not push some women to take snapshot to compare their coulors..

  13. ipv6freely says:


  14. demonic says:

    we are only just reaching the tip of dirty innuendo’s

  15. echasketch says:


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