Why is furniture adding me?

Why is furniture adding me?

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/7c0PD

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20 Responses to Why is furniture adding me?

  1. JimmyMcperson says:

    So the brave little toaster is a true story?

  2. welltheysay says:

    Toilet Poopington

  3. dogpeople says:

    So that you can shit on it.

  4. imagirlonimgur says:

    Comment Commentington.

  5. Chernobyl56 says:

    Comment Commentington

  6. spiff says:

    It’s because you mutual friends duh

  7. areyoutryingtoreadthisusername says:

    Somebody needs a Never Now button there. WTF, that does’t even make sense.

  8. jshootsky says:

    Jesus! Oh lord! Oh, good lord. Please let imgur be funny again.

  9. boeriths says:

    Are you a furniture yourself perhaps??

  10. sloandawg says:

    Next request will be the Brave Little Toaster. You better confirm.

  11. daintythings says:

    maybe a better question is why are all of your furniture friends so delightfully british?

  12. PredictableResponses says:

    I love Lamp Lampington.

  13. HylianFox says:

    I bet Fan Fanington has quite a nice fanny.

  14. gandalfv314159 says:

    Com Comington

  15. jrobbbbb says:

    The best part is you all have mutual friends hahahaha

  16. buybrandstore says:

    I love Lamp Lampington. who know where have cool picture? http://www.uggsforkidscheap.com/products_new.html cheap uggs for kids picture.

  17. nobodyeverpaysmeingum says:

    what? no Silverware Silverstein? no Golfbag Goldberg? Jewish inanimate objects make good friends too ya know…

  18. pressonwards says:

    A brush… is not furniture…

  19. Vineyard says:

    I groaned.

  20. haaseni says:

    The “C.” is not necessary/

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