Will you please notice me?!

Will you please notice me?!

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/DPcxYHC

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11 Responses to Will you please notice me?!

  1. KennyNeedsAnEarlyNight says:

    Wonderful love story

  2. kcloud says:

    She did, but she’s an environmentalist and doesn’t appreciate all that wasted paper.

  3. TBBs says:

    welp, better throw a million paper airplanes out the window.

  4. Icantbelieveyoujustsaidthat says:

    I feel this way when my friend won’t look over at me during class

  5. darnyoulikeasock says:

    Best Disney Short in creation.

  6. SuburbanRobotsThatMonitorReality says:

    Having been a high rise dweller, I was very disappointed by the lack of interesting things happening in the buildings around me.

  7. sillywabbit2221 says:

    First half was good..lost me at the paper following/leading him. Seems like Pixar is loosing it’s magic from Jackalope and Day and Night.

  8. diznychik55 says:

    It’s actually disney

  9. CheeseBalls says:

    The story of my life

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