Wind-up archer from Japan, circa 1880s.

Wind-up archer from Japan, circa 1880s.

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13 Responses to Wind-up archer from Japan, circa 1880s.

  1. Riein says:

    Japan invented Katniss Everdeen?

  2. Kiplers says:

    …I want one… so I can bother my dogs.

  3. DryGordon says:

    Amazing piece of design but damn it’s creeping me out

  4. WellKeptSecret says:

    Humans looked weird back then.

  5. ibroketheinternet says:

    I’m so sorry. I know I’m going straight to down vote hell. But, here it is: karma whoring

  6. marximusprime says:

    “And now…you will die.”

  7. whoisyourdaddy says:

    holy crap – I couldn’t build this today…

  8. notasinglefuckgiveth says:

    Puppetmaster anyone?

  9. IncredibleLang says:

    listen to SAIL – awolnation while watching this 😀 the intro fits to the movement (slightly)

  10. SmashleyAlyse says:


  11. DaveTheBarbarian says:

    this kind of nea…..OH MY GOD! MY EYE! I HAVE AN ARROW IN MY FUCKING EYE!

  12. DoomEndures says:

    Wow, I’m playing through Syberia and this makes me happy

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